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Greetings from Ruth Rendely from Australia

Ruth Rendely


"I have carried the torch of the Seraphim Blueprint, pretty much alone these past fifteen years. Now I have Seraphim Blueprint teachers, who are part of a new generation, spreading the flames of this wonderful knowledge all over the world. The Seraph and I are most grateful for their help."

Ruth Rendely

2010 Best of EXPO Award

The spiritual system called "Seraphim Blueprint" received the Gold Award in the Category "Spirit, Mind & Body Integration" at the New Living EXPO in San Francisco from 30.04 to 02.05.2010. One of the main reasons highlighted in the application for the award is the ability of the initiates to activate the energies "in the background" while doing something else at the same time. This is a huge advantage for people who are always on the go. Even if their busy schedules leave no room for meditation, the initiates are able to experience great re-creational benefits. After completing Level I alone, students have choices of several automatic energetic programs: energizing, harmonizing and balancing. These programs work on physical, emotional or mental levels. All it takes is to access the appropriate energy source by intention and to activate an automatic program of choice. Once it has completed it will shut off by itself. Regular connection to this energy source enhances and harmonizes the energy flow in one’s body – both physically and etherically.